Kim Normanton

Kim with some of her African figurines

Radio producer
and Storyteller

Folk tales for children in classrooms and on podcasts
Social documentaries sensitively produced for BBC Radio

What I Do

Kim in storytelling character mode, dressed in a blue shawl.

I present the Apple chart-topping podcast SuperGreat Kids’ Stories. I also tell stories in schools which teach children about various cultures and encourage them to tell their own stories. 

For 25 years, I’ve made BBC radio documentaries that help people tell their stories. I’m known for treating difficult subjects sensitively and I’ve earned top awards for my work.

Recording equipment

I offer training on interview techniques, how to construct documentary narratives and audio production, sharing my three decades of broadcast experience.

One thought on “Kim Normanton

  1. Kim We (6 and 7 boys) listen to SGKS but I wanted to say that this latest offering of your of the crocodile is so SUPER GREAT! congratulations on the whole show but also on your own work. It is so rich, reminds me of the dragon that grows when you ignore it story. It is the first one (and we have I think listened to almost all the SGKS) that they have asked to listen to a second time on the same day. (Its because they wanted to learn the song…)

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