Kim has captivated children with her stories from around the world for more than twenty years. She performs in primary schools, libraries and museums around the UK,  and teaches children how to tell their own stories. She is also the presenter and co-producer of Supergreat Kids’ Stories, a popular podcast of traditional folk tales for children of all ages.

Kim taught in reception until 2017, and draws on her understanding of the national curriculum to develop children’s speech, language and communication.


Kim is a gifted interviewer and an award-winning radio producer with over 25 years experience in BBC Radio. Her specialism is producing thoughtful, moving interviews with people who are not used to being recorded. She’s known for treating difficult subjects with sensitivity and integrity. Her radio programmes have won Gold awards in Europe and the United States.


For the past fifteen years Kim has also provided regular training sessions for the BBC on basic and advance radio feature making.

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  1. Hello Kim. I just heard another of the interesting programmes that you have been involved in producing for R4 (The Punch). Which reminded me about enjoying your company and your contributions on the City University Counselling Course – approx 1989 to 1992. With Good Wishes,

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