I offer training on interview techniques, how to construct documentary narratives and audio production, sharing my three decades of broadcast experience.

photo 10 training

I HAVE PROVIDED radio production training for the BBC for 15 years. I regularly provide courses for the BBC’s College of Radio Production, teaching trainees how to structure documentary narratives, conduct compelling and revealing interviews and capture background sound that gives the listener a sense of place and atmosphere.

Courses include:

  • Advanced Training Features Course
  • Creative Interactive Feature making course
  • Skillset funded introductory course for new freelancers   

Training feedback

I found all the tips about recording different types of sound (so we could “show” rather than “tell”) particularly helpful – especially stereo mic recording (and how to handle these mics with minimal handling noise!) Being thrown in to make a five-minute piece was one of those scary-but-great production experiences that allowed me to work through and see how to put Day One’s advice into practice. And it was all thoroughly enjoyable, which always helps.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful course. I really think I have learnt a lot of new tricks that I can use to improve my work as a reporter.

My feedback couldn’t be more positive: the course covered the most important points about feature making; the practical exercises were not only great fun, but also allowed us to test the things we’ve learnt; I came away feeling reenergised and keen to try out my new tricks of the trade. 


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